A Proposal Accepted

Jen and Jesse are getting married. These are some of their ideas.

Making crafts while eating breakfast. May be hanging these from some trees.
Jesse and I just became the proud parents of about 90 succulents. Just over a month until we get to sweetly arrange them all over the place.

The Honeymoon

For our Honeymoon we plan to leave a few days after our wedding in order to give ourselves time to recuperate and pack. 

The night of the wedding we will be staying in Boston at The Eliot Hotel

Then we will be flying to Portland, OR to stay in a sweet house for a week of adventures plus my 22nd birthday.

We’re so close to the big day!

We will be sharing other tiny details as we finalize everything!



Just spent a couple of hours playing with paper and twine. Maybe for a wedding or something.


Just spent a couple of hours playing with paper and twine. Maybe for a wedding or something.

A Picnic Reception

Jesse and I have been tossing ideas around about how we would like to have our reception. Here are some of those ideas! —

We have decided that we would like to do it picnic style — like our first date. Since the reception is going to be outdoors, we decided a tent may be necessary, no final decisions have been made on what type we are going to get, but we are both fond of sailcloth tents (as opposed to vinyl) and the vintage look they offer to events. We don’t want to go too nuts, so we may have a few tables for guests that would rather not sit on the ground, but otherwise the “tables” for our reception will be big blankets with baskets of goodies (including things like wine.. maybe board games). We’re really excited to see how everything turns out. 

As for the food, we both really enjoy Joanne Chang’s bakery, Flour. They have delightful and unique sandwiches that we can hopefully grab a variety of to serve our guests along with various sides like fruit salad that might be served in personalized boxes with wooden utensils tied to them. I can picture every little detail in my head. 

Now we have to decide on a cake! This is one of the things that I have not though about too much. All I can picture right now is a few simple white, round cakes with some Figs & Ginger cake toppers on them. But we shall see. I can’t give every idea away!! I need to leave some surprises.


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Sea Wolf - Orion & Dog

I’ve been listening to my wedding playlist over and over to try to weed out songs I don’t actually like and to notice the ones I love. This is one of the ones I love. I sang along to this on my way to work and the emotion hit me so powerfully.

- Jesse

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The Apartment

A few months before the wedding, Jesse and I plan to find an apartment together. We will have to pull together our clothing, shoes, books, art work, our iMacs. It’s going to be a little crazy, I’m sure, but I am looking forward to putting our styles together in our tiny place. 

Jesse, in short, is a minimalist. He hates clutter and useless things. He enjoys art and the occasional map (whether it be a map of Earth or Middle Earth). Jesse likes organization, he likes permanent (rather than disposable) and well-made things. He would rather spend money on something that will last, than save money on a piece of crap. He likes mostly earthy and muted colors - maybe with the occasional shade of orange thrown in.

In some ways my own style is similar to Jesse’s, I like simple things, greys, olive greens, things made of wood and metal. But I like things, well-placed things. Right now I have some vintage cameras, an heirloom jewelry chest, perfumes, records, and some other little things that are sentimental to me which I would like to take with me when we move in together. I also have a good amount of art — but not all of it needs to come with me. But I look forward to the challenge of consolidating.  

I’m not expecting a large and luxurious apartment, and some of these things are out of our price range, however I do get a discount with Urban Outfitters and its partner companies (Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, Terrain) so it will be fun to explore their websites for inspiration and maybe to make a few purchases. But I am excited to work on organizing all of our stuff and making our place feel comfortable and look awesome. It will look like us.


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Wedding Arches

I have been trying to explain why I want a wedding arch to Jesse for a little while now. I have never been able to successfully describe what I would want ours to look like, (if we decide to have one) but I think all of these are gorgeous. If we were to have the ceremony in a field, I think one of these would be a necessary element to sort of frame everything. Although there is also the possibility of the ceremony being in front of the barn, but I would still like a “frame” of some sort — trees, flowers, drapes, something of that nature. Hopefully Jesse and I can create something great!

- Jen


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