A Proposal Accepted

Jen and Jesse are getting married. These are some of their ideas.

The Jacket

I’ve put a great deal of thought into the fit and details of my suit jacket. I’ve nailed down a number of the technical details, but most of the styling is so intangible that its difficult to describe in writing. So I’ve included some photos to give an idea.

I want a navy, two button jacket with triple patch pockets, notched lapels, and double side vents. This is the classic style of suit. Nothing can be more versatile than this.

I’m hoping to get a suit that is styled classically as well. I’d hate to look at wedding photos in ten years and realize I was wearing something silly and on trend. That is why I’m hoping to get a jacket that is actually long enough to cover my rear. Short jackets are very unflattering. The top button should fasten at my natural waist/belly button area. The gorge, or notch in the lapel, should fall around my clavicle, not all the way up on top of my shoulder.

The fit of the jacket is the most important aspect. I would trade everything above if I had to in order to have a jacket that fits well. This will be difficult. I’m six feet tall, but have a very narrow frame. It’s very difficult for me to find clothes that fit my shoulders, but don’t balloon around my narrow chest and waist. For this reason, the jacket will have to be slim without being tight. Higher arm holes and some graceful waist suppression is key.

I want my jacket to be timeless, comfortable, and of impeccable fit. Here’s hoping that’s what I’ll get.

- Jesse


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