A Proposal Accepted

Jen and Jesse are getting married. These are some of their ideas.

The Trousers

Everyone loves to focus on the jacket as if it makes up 90% of the suit. But it is only half. The other half are the trousers. I have a lot of very particular opinions about the jacket, but I’m much more unsure of the trousers.

On the one hand, I like clothing that is simple and unadorned. This would lead me to want trousers with a flat front, or no pleats, and no turned up cuff. I don’t know if this is possible though. I want my trousers to have a higher rise and sit on my hips, not at or below them. Flat front pants with that much rise often look awkward. Adding pleats to them can help break up that wide expanse of fabric. If there’s pleats, then there must be turned up cuffs as well. I’m also a long and skinny legged man. Pleats can look out of place on a frame like mine.

You see my dilemma.

This is why I’ve been thrilled to find these photos. The gentleman in these photos has a similar build to me. Perhaps he’s a little shorter. He pulls off what I consider to be the ultimate cut and style of trouser. I would be elated to get a finished product like this for myself.

His trousers have a higher rise. They’re not grandpa pants, because he’s still a young man, but they certainly don’t look juvenile. They are cut with a nice taper down to a narrower leg opening so that they create clean and trim lines without being constricting. And look at those pleats! Those trousers look classic and comfortable.

These are my ultimate trousers.







  • 18 August 2013
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